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get my car to Midas. 410 2019.

I brought it in for radiator and water pump. my mechanic took it out for a drive named TJ when it was hot. Told me transmission blew when back at store. The car was hot the mechanic stated he pushed it.

They took over 8 day' to fix my car. There were absolutely no problems with my transmission now it is struggling . I brought my car to this midas I had had good experience before with old management. The new management had a ton of issues.

Fixing my car. I believe they blew my transmission at their shop it should be replaced by midas. They used detergent to clean my transmission . They blamed that they had to get a special tool for radiator they had to use a whole different replacement part for my car.

I am stuck in a high interest loan with this car. I am going to be seeking out help for this issue.

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