WARNING! If you ever go to the Midas on Highway 7 in Markham, Canada:



AVOID THIS WORKER! He has a history of scamming customers with ridiculous pricing quotes and pockets the money whenever it is paid in cash. I know a handful of individuals who have personally been screwed over, where he charged them jobs and parts that were never done or fixed. He sometimes will even do a follow-up call to convince you to come in again for a full car check up, where he'll charge you again in the thousands. Because he works somewhere up in the managerial position, it's easy for him to pull off scams.


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Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada #1268139

John Louie, the manager at 4601 HWY 7 Midas is a huge scam, I agree. I've watched him rip off an senior who had 30,000 km on her car and sold her struts because they were rusty.

He asked me if I needed a bill for my exhaust repair or if I wanted a cheaper price to pay cash. I paid cash and had a problem a month later with the same repair went back and he said sorry you've never been here, I've got no records.


This is correct, I went to this location to have a scan done on my car as the engine check light had come on. I remember from a previous occasion that this light had come on, I had another garage run a scan and they found it was just an issue with not having done an oil change. This other garage did not charge me for the computer scan. They only charged me for the oil change. So this time, John Louie at MIDAS tells me that he will need to charge me $110 to run the scan, that's when I asked why it is so high, so he arbitrarily says he will only charge me $77. So I told him that the other garage does not charge me for the scan and so I only asked for an oil change.

Many months ago when I was there for an OIL change, suddenly he calls me and tells me there is something wrong with the ball joint on my car and if I don't fix it, my car could collapse in the middle of the street. he charged me $400 for it.

I did not know if it was true or not and could not prove it so I went ahead and did it. Now I learned my lesson.

From now on, I will never go there again.


i agree stay away from us well rip you of we make comision on your sale pluss were taught to ly used to work for midas quite cant *** people anymore

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