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Do not do business with the Midas on Airline Hwy. I brought my car there on Friday to have a catalytic converter changed out and $1200 later, I get a car with a "Service Engine Soon" light, and a warped driver's door.

I have a 4 inch by 2 inch gash of warped metal right above the the door handle. It almost looks like they put a blow torch to it and it melted. It's blatantly clear they tried to pry the metal back in place with pliers. I certainly didn't bring it in that condition.

They refuse to pay for the fixing of the door because "that's how I brought it in". Lucky for me, my husband went to an auto body shop and had them look at it and give their two cents. They told us they see this same damage all the time and that they lifted the car with the door ajar. If the damage was any older than a couple days, it would be rusted.

It sleighs me that business owners take advantage of people like this. I am a business owner and I own my responsibilites. Oh, and the owner, he's a real peach to deal with, let me tell you.

People like this should not be allowed to service the public.

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