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I went to midas for a free brake insp. and an oil change and to see if they could find a clank i was hearing.

Well they where mad because i couldnt aford all the work that needed to be done and the manager got upset when i told him that, and started yelling at me infront of other customers.They did find the clank and i ahd that fixed and the oil change but it made him mad when i didnt have any brake work done, I explained to him i could not aford to have all the work done . When i left the store with my car i had no brakes and I wasnt going back so i went to the firestone a block away from the midas store and they explaind to me what the problem was ( needed brakes bleed from being off the roters) . a day later my front brake pad feel out of the drivers side wheel . so I called midas and they told me " not there problum" and hung up on me.

so now what do i do ?

i have a car i cant go anywhere in and i'm on a fixed income.

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So you went to midas to fix a problem and didn't repair it and know you mad because you car broke? They told you there was a problem you didnt fix it. ITS YOUR FAULT FOR BEING ***


you didnt have no brakes because they screwed something up you had no brakes because the pedal needs to be pumped after brakes are taken off to get pressure back in the hydraulic system. so firestone is a bunch of idiots and there was nothing wrong except with firestone.


no firestone is the reason the pad fell out....and no i doesn't need to be bled out dumb *** get a ligit complaint!!!

TRUST ME you will lose!!!!!!!!

No one ever wins!!!!!


Call ur insurance have them fix the car and file a civil suit against midas

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