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My truck a week ago driving from San Jose to Hollister got overheating-boilig over.

I tooked my truck rightaway to have it check over to SPEEDE OIL in Hollister,the diagnostic that JOE gave to me was a nightmare,he said that the Cylinder Head Gasket set and so many more need it to be repair and total repair cost will be $2822.50.

Tree days after tooked my truck to another body shop,they gave me their diagnostic believed or not they justed find that the thermostat need to be replaced for $10.99 cost compare yourself crazy.

Review about: Midas Repair.

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There is no shop anyware that will replace a thermostat for 10.99 so I KNOW YOUR LYING

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #156762

hard to believe you drive and cannot spell a simple word such as liars.

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