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On 09-23-11 I took my 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid in for breaks and an oil change. The manager Tommy called me and stated I needed a transmission flush and power steering flush. I said fine and told him that my ac was not blowing out cold air. He stated the AC needed to be recharged. When I picked up my car that evening he stated that my car doesn't have power steering and that his technician didn't know when he recommended the service. I paid $398.92 for the services. I spoke with Tommy regarding my AC he said the AC Compressor was bad and that it was an over $1000 repair. I asked him if I could hold off on the repair or would it affect my engine and he said "oh no you can wait until you can afford it to have it repaired". I said ok and left. The following day my car started to overheat on the freeway. My car is half electric so the gage kept going from cool to hot. Last thing on my mind was that it should be running hot after just being serviced the day before. Anyhow, I got home and didn't drive my car the rest of the weekend. On Monday I called Tommy at Midas and told him my car is running hot he said bring it in that it may have a air bubble in the coolant. Later that day he called me and said that the AC Compressor belt broke and that he needed to replace it. I said fine and he said he needed to wait for the parts and they would take about 4 days to come in. A week later my car is supposedly repaired I paid $1170 and pick my car up. At that time I joked with Tommy and asked if anything else major was going to go wrong with my car, he said well I hope we fixed the problem. I left, the next say on my way to work my car starts running hot again and heater is not working.

I called Tommy and he said bring it back. I dropped it off AGAIN at Midas and he called me later that day to say it's the water pump and they need to replace it. 2 days after that he calls again saying it's still running hot and it may be the radiator but that I needed to pay for that repair since they took care of the water pump. At this point I am highly upset, my car NEVER had an overheating issue until it was serviced at Midas and now they expect me to pick up the bill for their incompetent technicians? He said fine we will do the work on the house but after that I'm washing my hands with your car. 3 days later I call to see what's going on, they tell me come pick up car bc Tommy spoke with his district manager and he says they don't know what's wrong with it and take it somewhere else, if its anything they did, they will stand behind their work. I called another Midas off Stevens Creek in San Jose, CA and the manager Eddy said bring your car here and we will figure out what is going on with it. I had my car towed there and in less than 24 hours they had diagnosed my car with a blown head gasket. Eddy said he called over to the Midas I originally had my car at and they technicians told him they hadn't performed any basic test like a liquid blog test which would have told them this. Also, Tommy told Eddy that I came in with a broken AC Compressor belt, but NEVER once did he note that or tell me that. Had he did I would have had them repair that, if I would have known it would have had my engine to overheat. The district manager Brad Stone called me back and said he is not doing anything else to come to a fair resolution, he washed his hands with it and for me to take the car somewhere else. I then called the director on consumer relations Jim Crum, and we talked about what transpired, he assured me that Brad would call me on 10/17/11 with a resolution that we all will be happy with. No one has contacted me and my vehicle is still at Midas almost a month later from when I originally took it in for something as simple as breaks. I think I was taken advantage of and now being ignored as a customer it makes me extremely upset that certified techs didn't know how to work on a hybrid and should have just said so. Now here I am single mother with no car and over $3000 in repairs, that my car didn't need. Makes me think if the belt was ever really broken.....I plan to see them in court.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Now here I am single mother with no car and over $3000 in repairs, that my car didn’t need|. Makes me think if the belt was ever really broken.....I plan to see them in court.

[/end quote]

Make sure you get a lawyer that deals with auto repair claims. From what I read (your post), this is gonna get dicey in a hurry. They are gonna claim that your vehicle had the blown head gasket when you 1st brought it in, and they simply failed to discover it....hence, the did not cause your "head gasket loss", and are not responsible for it. They will claim they only owe you for the repairs you paid for that didn't fix the problem (water pump, ac belt)...

Now, from your post, it doesn't appear they did anything the 1st time to damage your head gasket. Obviously, I wasn't there, and there maybe some critical information missing. The water pump/ac belt....that maybe the "rope" they hang themselves with.

`good luck

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