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Beware of purchasing gold or silver coins from Midas Resources. It was my first gold coin purchase and the salesman Jon Swenson at Midas Resources took advantage of my ignorance of the gold coin market.

I originally called to purchase silver coins and he talked me into gold coins instead...He ended up charging me 40% over spot for each gold coin. I filed a complaint with the BBB in Minnesota and Ted Anderson (owner) didn't ever attempt to make it right.


Location: Tampa, Florida

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You paid too much. Your stupidity does not make it a scam.


I bet it was after Vista Gold Corp. investment that this happened.


Yes. Clearly a scam.

My mother was listening to these radio shows, they hooked her into buying gold and silver because "the world was coming to an end", and maybe they are right, but when my mother told me the order was delivered but missing gold coins, a red flag went up. They replaced the missing gold, but my elderly mother could have easily thought she miss calculated or not even noticed, I think Midas Resources was wagering on that. When I called and spoke to her sales person and asked why they were asking so much more then other coin websites, he muttered, stammered, then went quiet and click... hung up the phone.

I was on to them.



Same thing happened to me. Midas shorted silver eagles on a large order.

I guess they can't count when they fill the coin tubes... but I can count.

A second order was WAY late. Their estimated delivery times were months off. Clearly they DON'T stock what they sell.

They wait for the price to drop to fill your order so they can make more on the deal.

I asked my Midas agent (Bill Brown) about the delays and he suggested that if I wrote a note to Ted Anderson (owner), then I might get better delivery action. I did so, and Anderson never responded.

Used to be that I'd get calls periodically with deals or to see if I was in the market for anything... I don't hear from Bill any more.

Interestingly, I got a call from the State of Minn. asking questions about Midas and curiously asking if I would have bought from them if I'd known that they only procure the metals AFTER the order was placed and they also asked if I would have bought from them if I knew that they used my money to fill the orders of other customers ahead of me in the ordering ***.

I asked the State of Minn. lady if the questions were based on known behaviors, and she couldn't comment.


I had the same experience as the previous post where Midas charged over 40 %. I agree, do not buy from Midas Resources. Buy from a local trusted business.


Local doesn't mean ****! Where I'm from they ARE local.


I bought some gold coin with silver. My gold coin never was deliver and Midas did not return the money back.




I've had a lot of dealings with Midas resources and they were great. Although I've only bought silver so far I was very pleased with there service.

I've purchased over 1,000.00 worth of silver on many different occasions and have been very pleased.

Sorry you guys had a bad experience. They have been great for me.


You are such an obvious plant, "Here's one person who had a good experience." I hope you were paid well for your dignity, cuz it's gone you *** licker.


I was buying silver from them at random times for a year and bought about a 1000$ worth of silver. I had one order that shipped late, but other than that, there were no problems.

Now I did receive a call from a woman in Minnesota who left a message asking me about my satisfaction with their service. She left a message and said she would call again, but never did. Overall I'm happy.

Yes, I had seen places that had some better prices, but they didn't have as high a rating from the BBB. Interestingly, Midas is no longer offering deals so, i suppose i will test some of the other companies


wow a whole $1000 worth of silver?

Biiiiig spender....

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