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I had the muffler on my 1992 toyota Paseo inspected about a month and a half ago. I recently returned from a trip using this car, only to find that the muffler was hanging off of half of the brackets that hold it.

When I looked under the car to check out the muffler, I noticed a 3 1/2 inch by 1 inch hole in the muffler. This hole was an obvious rust hole that had been there for some time.

The owner of the franchise was not only not helpful but condescending and rude. When I asked the owner if there was another avenue to lodge my complaint, he told me I could lodge one with Midas international but they would simply have him call me back.

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As an automotive professional, I can advise that exhaust pieces can rist through in less than a month. This is especially true if it is during the winter months when salt is used on the roads. Most rust holes in mufflers start on the inside, so they may look perfectly normal until the exterior gives way.

to Anonymous #999539

This was in the summer. And there is no way that there was no evidence of rust on this.

The amount of rust is extensive in this picture.

Not to mention the mechanic should have noticed the amount of noise being produced by the muffler. This was simply missed by an incompetent person working on the car.

to Anonymous #999541

not only was this missed but the conduct of the manager I spoke with was completely unprofessional and rude. I would think his conduct in dealing with customers should be enough to sway future clients from using this shops services.

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