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I have a 98 Lincoln TownCar and about 2 months ago I took my car to get a complete tune-up i.e oil change, filters replaced, spark plugs etc ect. I am fully aware that this is not a new car but when I took my car to get maintanence there was nothing wrong it.

After the job was completed, I left to Midas with a clunk noise and it ended up being the Air Compressor. I didn't give it much thought since I thought, well this is Midas and I trust the company. The car left me stranded about an hour away from my house and a $1000 for new a new air compressor and laber I was home. Like I said, I was trusting MIDAS. This was my first incident with Midas.

As loyal customers, I went back this past friday to get my brakes fixed. While I was waiting for my car to get maintenance a couple came in to complaint about how they brought in their car to get maintenance but left a different issue. As I was listening to their arguement with the manager, I was hoping and praying to god that I was not going to have the same issue again.

Well apparently GOD was on a break because when I got my car back, my car was now in worse condition than when I had brought it in...again this was only brakes being fixed. My car now had the battery light on, check track, ABS light on and air conditioner was not working. I understand that my car is not NEW but there's a big coincidence that in two different times, I bring in the car for routine, again routine, maintenance and I leave MIDAS feeling robbed and disappointed. I gave Midas the benefit of the doubt the first time but the second and when hearing the other couple complain gave me the impression that I was being taken for an expensive ride. I will never ever go back to MIDAS and I will make that all those that I know will never visit Midas since it seems like your company is scamming people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Midas Oil Change.

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I had trouble at this location when my wheel fell off after a tire rotation. Sorry to hear about your trouble.


Also, a brake job has nothing to do with your charging system. Sounds like you had that problem previously and expect them to pay for it. Good luck.


mr 98 lincoln, I think you are a lier. You seem like the type of guy that steals money at work and eats other people's lunches.

You drive a car, you write english, you spend thousands of dollars on car maintenance... I think you're a thief and a lier.

Did you notice I didnt list any facts or solid foundation for my argument? I mentioned you drove, I know thiefs that drive, I also know liars that know how to write. But that doesnt also make you a thief or a lier, does it?

Before you trash a company, and it's associates, get some proof. Your car is an old model, those lincolns are actually horror stories, full of computer and ride control issues.

All I'm saying is dont put other people's reputation at stake based on coincidences and feelings. Good luck with your ride.


FYI, the electrical systems on those cars are garbage and takes the smallest incident (such as switching off the air bag suspension) can trigger an electrical fault. My guess is that the problem is charging system relay related, alternator, battery, connection, etc.

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