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i took my vehicle to this shop due to check engine light coming on. i had checked all my fluids prior to driving 10 minutes to the shop.

when i arrived they told me they could run diagnostics to see what the issue is. upon completing the diagnosis they found rodents had chewed through my intake air temperature sensor, damaging the wires & possible the sensor. i was showed the damage and that they could repair my wires and sensor. three hours later i left the shop.

i arrived home with my car overheating and decided to check the fluids again to see what was going on. upon looking at my vehicle i had no coolant fluid in my resivor or radiator. i then saw that there repair was splicing the wires, twisting them together and slapping some electrical tape on them. i called the shop immediately and told them about the over heating and botched job they did.

i took my car back to the shop and was met outside by two service guys. according to their records i had plenty of coolant in my resivor and radiator. i asked why the repair to my sensor and wires was some botched job and was told that they said they could "fix it" not "replace it". i voiced my concerns and dissatisfaction with how they "fixed" my car.

they guys said that they could replace the sensor and wires for additional labor & parts charge. also, i would need a transmission flush and more coolant in my car. i questioned how i could have coolant when they looked at the vehicle but zero coolant 15 minutes after i left the shop and my car overheating 10 minutes after i left. they had no explanation for me as i had no leaks or anything else wrong with they car.

i also questioned how they could not inform me of how they planned to fix my vehicle and just slap a band-aid on my car.

they said that i approved them to "fix" not "replace" anything. i feel that this shop took advantage of me and purposely created more issues to get me to throw more money into their pockets thinking i didn't know any better.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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