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Midas in camillus damaged my vehicle while performing an oil change. I had yellow paint and huge sratches on my car...

when I brought the store manager Dennis's attention he made jokes and belittled to the situation talking about yellow balloons are the only thing in his shop ... I pointed out that they have yellow lifts in their shop and the yellow balloons are not the only thing yellow and they're shop ..I got customer service involved and was put in contact with the district general manager rich who had me talk to the assistant store manager Josh. after showing my vehicle to Josh he agreed that he would fix it and would talk to Rich in regards to getting my car repaired at a shop they use and having Midas take care of the invoice 100%. for two weeks they stated they were going to pay for my vehicle per Josh who I was told the district manager and Josh were communicating the whole entire time.

once Midas got the invoice the story changed and they would not take any ownership of the damages. my damages were $800 (per their repair shop who was also told when the appointment was made by midas they were covering the invoice at 100 percent) and midas stated they would not cover any of the damages. I expressed to the general manager rich that Josh informed me that Midas would cover the bill. Rich informed me that is not what he was being told by Josh.

I was told by Rich that he would cover 50% of the bill and I need to be grateful for that and they're only giving me 50% because I am a loyal customer for over 10 years. I have no proof that this happened at their shop because I do not have footage of the incident that happened. the district general manager was arrogant and rude.. the store manager Dennis I feel treated me differently because I'm a woman talking about balloons and the assistant store manager Josh lied to my face for two weeks and called me during those two weeks telling me that midas would pick up the bill and had me do all this running around making phone calls when realistically they were NOT going to cover it at all.

People should be aware of what this Midas shop is doing and if they damage your vehicle they should own up to it. my car had no damage coming into the shop. My car was band NEW!. I asked if they can check their cameras a when my vehicle went into their shop the answer that I got was completely different then what they told corporate.

they did the damage while the car was in their possession.. do not take your car here because if they damage your car in any way and they will not take any ownership of it!!

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