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Having known the people at Midas Svc. Center in Tupelo, MS., for a long time, I purchased my second set of Bridgestone Insignia SE 200's in December 2010. Recently, with only 25,000 miles on the tires, the right rear suffered a tread separation. The tire had to be replaced to continue my trip and I had no way of hauling the tire as my car interior and trunk were full of demo equipment. I took a picture of the tire and contacted the dealer (Midas). Upon return home, I went to Midas & an appointment was set to replace the tire and do a brake job and alignment. Work was performed (even replace a tie-rod on left front) and two tires replaced. When I inquired about the warranty or adjustment on the tread separated tire, Scott said he wanted to see the tire - I showed him the picture and he said that without the tire there wasn't anything he could do.

Later that day, I plead to Jason to see if there was any alternative & he said they would need the DOT code from the tire. I contacted the shop in Cherokee (AL) and obtained that code from the offending tire and provided it to Scott. He called me back and reiterated that, "according to Bridgestone, without the tire there just wasn't anything they could do....".

These people might as well be calling me a liar over a tire I bought from them. I bought another to replace it from them, and have patronized their shop on multiple previous visits to obtain vehicle service.

They and Bridgestone will not have my business any longer.....

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Tupelo, Mississippi, United States #943914

yeah i fully understand. I took my car in for a front end alignment and got a braake job that I didnt need and had to pay for i before i could get my car


well they are right--i worked at a tire store for many years and it's company policy for the tire to be returned for a few reasons--they are not calling you a liar but trust me--i've seen pretty much all of it when it comes to tire damage--the tire will be sent to the maufactuer for inspection to see if its a defect that could warrent a recall--enought tires get sent in for the same thing then they will recall the whole lot--thats why they needed the DOT serial number--any bridgestone(firestone) dealer can do the adjustment right there you don't have to take it back to where you bought it--we sold goodyear and all are pretty much the same as warranties go--sorry for your troubles on the road--that always sucks

to Ironhorse #944224

I gave them the serial number and pictures as I had no way of hauling the tire for the rest of the trip. The real solution turned out to be avoiding bridgestone and midas

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