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1.) As one of my Christmas gifts for my wife, I wanted to get the exhaust system fixed on her 1996 Land Cruiser. So I bought a high quality stainless steel Borla from CarID for around $700. The original low stainless exhaust was 22 years old and breaking down.

2.) On December 15th I started calling private local shops to try and get it installed by people who care enough about their reputation to do a good job. I couldn't get the job done before Christmas from any place in Frankfort, so I moved on to other areas. After a few days, I knew that it wasn’t practical to drive all the way to another city just to get a direct fit exhaust bolted on; so I reluctantly decided to call a national chain.

3.) On Saturday I called Midas in Frankfort. I talked with someone named Megan. She said they could do it, but would have to see it first. So I brought it in at 12:21 PM and explained to her/ them what I had and what I wanted done. The mechanic put the truck up on the rack and pulled one of the broken mounts off the truck. He then actually told me that he had never seen that kind before. Then he said he also needed a gasket for the catalytic connection so he would ask about the mounts when he called the parts store for that.

4.) After about 10 minutes, I was told that they couldn't do the job that day because it was too late to get the doughnut gasket from KOI that connects the new muffler to the old catalytic converter. He then suggested that I should go to a hardware store and buy some all thread to replace the broken bolts in the mounts. They didn’t specifically say how much the work would be but indicated that it wasn’t going to be very much since I already had all the parts and I agreed that I would also be providing the mounts. (I later bought mounts at Advance Auto for $5.99 each)

5.) Since I wanted to be sure of the price; On December 17th at 8:12 AM, I called to confirm just how much the work was going to cost me. The person who talked with me was named Scott and he told me it would be about $140.00. It seemed awful high to me since it bolts right on and I was supplying everything but because I wanted it done as soon as possible and I was running out of time, I said OK.

6.) On December 21 at 11:14 am, I called to specifically talk with the mechanic who was going to do the work on the truck. In our conversation, I informed him that the new mounts arrived and asked if I could get it installed before Christmas. Unfortunately he said no but that he could do it on the 26th at 9:00 am. I then said I could pick up the doughnut gasket from KOI myself along with some stainless bolts for the rezonator weight to help save some money. He said that would be fine.

7.) I went to KOI and then NAPA trying to find the illusive doughnut gasket that he said he needed, and both places said that the kind of gasket I was describing was not what they had and that it may be be some kind of Toyota only part that they weren't familiar with. So I gave up and just went to the appointment.

8.) I arrived at Midas at 8:49 and went inside. After a few minutes, I handed the keys to the Megan and she then handed them off to someone I hadn’t met yet to drive my truck into the garage. This happened at approximately 8:58 am. While that was going on I informed her that I was told by both NAPA and KOI that the doughnut ring had to be a toyota only part and that if that was the case, I would gladly go buy it myself and come back later. She said that wasn’t necessary and that she wouldn’t mind running over there to pick it up if she had to.

9.) Well; within 10 minutes the KOI parts guy delivered the same exact flat gasket the mechanic said wouldn't work just a week earlier. And so it goes. Questions without answers but it was too late by then to do anything at that point because the old exhaust was being cut off the truck before I could do anything.

10.) By 10:38 am they were finished and another mechanic brought my truck to the front and left the door wide open for me as if I was just going to get in and drive off.

11.) My total came to $227.53. I reluctantly whipped out the card and paid for it because my truck was sitting out there with the door wide open in public and I didn’t want to stand there and argue about it. so I asked: Exactly how much did that gasket cost? I didn’t have glasses with me so I told her I really couldn’t see anything listed on the invoice. Then I reminded her that I was quoted $140 by a man named scott. She said that was her dad and that it was too late to do anything about it since the card just went through, but that she would give me a discount on my next visit. Not being one to stand around making accusations about being ripped off while someone steals my truck, I simply said: fine I'll see you later. I stepped out the front door and into the open door of my truck and drove off.

12.) I left at exactly 10:43 and drove to where my wife works to pick up my house keys. On the way I immediately noticed how loud and buzzy the thing was and suspected that the mechanic hadn't attached the counter weight that went to the rezonator. As soon as I stopped, I saw that indeed he didn’t. And this was after I personally handed him the stainless bolts I had bought for it.

13.) After picking up my keys from my wife at her location, I started to get back into the truck but my door handle came off in my hands with almost no force. (So that's why my door was left open for me when they got done. It wasn’t some courtesy thing, it was because one of them yanked on it too hard and broke it. Hoping that I wouldn't notice and they wouldn’t be blamed, they left the door open. 22 years without a broken handle until the trip to Midas. The great Midas service and customer respect right there!)

14.) After I got into the truck, I went straight back to Midas, showed Megan the broken door handle and informed her that my counterweight had not been installed even after handing the new stainless bolts for it to the mechanic who was supposed to do the work.

15.) Another mechanic pulled it back in and put the weight on for the guy who was supposed to be working on it. And as far as the door handle; I had no definitive proof to make accusations, but the original mechanic was quick to tell me how those things break all the time and I could easily find one on ebay for cheap. (Sure if you want plain black plastic on one door or unmatched paint, or a knock off that doesn’t fit)

16.) No I had to go to CruiserParts.net to buy a used one with my green color for $99.00. And it may not even match.

17.) After going back home, the muffler was a little quieter but still significantly louder than the original even with the holes. On top of that; it rattles around with each bump in the road. Already knowing that it needs redone, I was still compelled to check the counter weight to see how well it was put on. Low and behold, it was bolted on but with some old rusty bolts. Are your employees on drugs? On top of all that; there were also some burnt wires that were somehow laying on top of the pipe. And I mean melted burnt. Luckily they were non working trailer light wires that need replaced anyway.

As a result of this unfortunate event, I now have to pay someone more competent to put it all in order. I don’t see how you can even stay in business when the people you have working for you are this way. Here’s something I can guarantee. I will never EVER go back to a Midas for anything.

Thanks for stealing my money and wasting my time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Midas Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I agreee teriible rude...

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