On 12-5-2010 my husband took the car to get an oil change on Cottman ave in Philadelphia near the Pathmark. Shawn who works there said it was mandatory that they do they do a full check on the car which is bulls**t. I called three other Midas locations and that is a option and you have the option to decline and it is not required.We didn't have alot of time but I guess its a good thing,because a friend of mine had an oil change with the free check and had other problems that were not there after he did the check.They make problems that dont exist to make more money.MY ADVICE DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS LOCATION.

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You didn't mention the price that outfit in Philly charges for an oil change, but I'm willing to bet a dozen donuts that it was a low price to lure you into their shop so that they could upsell. The "mandatory" part is most likely the requirement imposed by the local owner on their technicians at that location, which they have to do if they wish to keep their jobs.

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Don't go to the Midas on Broadway in Revere Ma either. They charged me $950 dollars for a rear brake valve when I was stranded there without brakes.

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