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Being a father to 7 month old twin boys is rather hectic. I am the provider for the family and my time is very important. My wife is a stay-at-home mom and I do my best to keep all the sprockets of our life oiled.... Same idea when it comes to the only family vehicle. Seeing that we are not in the top percentile of our economical system, we made sure to call around for pricing information before committing to a business to take care of our mechanical needs. We decided that Midas on Marbach and 410 would be the best deal since they offer a military discount (hey, when I went to Iraq in 2003, I DIDN'T even get a lousy T-shirt so I might as well use a military discount when I can get one). I told them my car was shaking and pulling to the right. I knew my driver side front tire needed to be replaced (I'm not much of a mechanic, that's why I go to auto places). We suggested the tired be replaced, and an alignment be done. I also asked them to balance and rotate the other tires and if they needed to be replaced, to let me know. I sat for 3 hours while my car was being fixed. A small price to pay to make sure that we will not be stuck on the side of the access road with poopy diapers and minimal formula some time in the near future. The car was complete and I walked outside to greet the man who had been working on the car. I asked him how it was, and if the other tires were in decent condition. He said they were OK but would need to be replaced "eventually". I thought eventually meant some time in the future, not requiring immediate attention.

When we left Midas, we noticed that we were not charged for the rotation and balance of the other tires and that the symptoms of why we initially went into Midas, were not fixed. They said to bring it back in, I told them my schedule would not allow me to come in the remainder of the week but I will attempt to come in early the following week to remedy the still broken car. Three days later, on 12/8/2007, while going around a turn at 65 MPH (the speed limit), the passenger-front tire blew out. I did not lose total control of the car, but it did require a lot of extra attention. Thankfully, the wife, and twins, were at home, awaiting Daddy's arrival from work. I am thankful Daddy did come home that night. I was able to free my schedule up for today, 12/11/2007, and ask them why my tires were not given the attention that I asked for, but also why on my receipt they had received green check marks on all tires (green for good, yellow for needs consideration, red for immediate attention). I have a hard time swallowing the concept of my tires being in good condition, only to disintegrate right after I leave their business. I asked the manager if he was a father, he said yes, then I told him put himself in my shoes. I asked the manager if there was any type of compensation or service he could accommodate me with since he and his staff endangered my family, me, and other motorists with their negligence. He offered me a 10% discount. The same discount I already received for being military. He said he would not give me anything for free, and he would not give me any more of a discount that I was already entitled to. I then told him I would take my business to another company, with a few other choice words.'

Conveniently for me, Discount Tire was right next door. I took the tire that had blown (I was on the spare), told him of my misfortune with the other company, and asked him to check the tires. He was disgusted. He said the tires had severe damage, and that he would not let me leave without putting on at least one new tire that was in terrible shape. A tire that he said he would not charge me for, just so we are able to get by. He ran tests on every tire, and they were all in bad condition. He showed me where there were the presence of "bubbles" that were making the tires lop-sided and high risk of blowing out. Also making the car pull to one way or the other. Apparently an alignment was not the right diagnosis and new tires, which I asked to be reviewed, were the problem. The manager at Midas was rude, arrogant, and customer service or consumers needs were totally neglected. His staff is incompetent and I am afraid to travel in that area for fear of other vehicles which may have been seen by him or his staff. I am not asking for a refund, although one should be made, but I am asking to expose this company so they don't victimize others in our community and put other lives in danger like they did with mine.

If, at very least, that manager becomes aware of his staff being incompetent and he himself is recognized as a poor manager who put our lives in danger, along with everyone around us, that would provide me with enough peace of mind. I have the receipt which is marked with those "green" check marks and I asked Discount Tire to save my tires they pulled off, so I could take pictures and let every single person I know, not to go there. Many thanks to the staff of Discount Tire, Their customer service was far beyond my expectation. They were sympathetic to my situation, and addressed my concerns as humans, and fathers.

P.S. The alignment is still messed up, but I will not take it back to be fixed by the negligent manager or his bonehead employees. I will continue to write this EVERY PLACE I CAN FIND!

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midas is right your wrong

Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #13775

" I asked the manager if there was any type of compensation or service he could accommodate me with since he and his staff endangered my family"

You sure have made an art out of whining. Let me ask you something, did you have a dollar amount in mind?

As if there is a price that is acceptable for you to endanger your family. Think about it and quit being a pain in the backside.

Lebanon, Virginia, United States #10567

I understand your frustrations. I have problems develop with my cooling system after I brought my car into the Midas in Universal City to have the cooling system flushed last year. I have had to replace the coolant pump, radiator, thermostat, and coolant sensor.

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