On 4/3/13 I stopped in the Midas located at 102 W 25th St, Kearney, NE 68847 to have my tires rotated and balanced while driving cross country from Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA. The store was getting ready to close.

The manager went out to my car to get the miles off the car, and when removing the key from my ignition, he locked it up. He later went out to move the car into the service bay, when we learned he wasn't able to start the car. We called a locksmith, as there was no parts in town to replace it. The locksmith came out and took a look at it, and informed me IN FRONT OF THE MANAGER that he had snatched the key out, WITH FORCE while the car wasn't fully in the OFF position, resulting in bending the pins in the ignition.

I was stuck with a $65.00 bill for the locksmith and told I would need to replace the ignition, as the Midas employee damaged it. The employee who damaged the ignition admitted fault as well, and said he was very sorry. He told me to come back the next day and they would do my rotation on my tires for FREE. On 4/4/13 I returned as I had stayed the night at a local hotel.

I was charged for the service as well $60.80. On 4/24/13 I called Lexus as requested to do by Dan Nall to get the price of the repair, and was told he would pay me to have the car fixed, as well as the $60.80 I paid of the service and the $35.00 I paid for the hotel. When he found out the bill for the car repair was $737.80 he refused to pay it, and told me the age and miles on the car was the reason my ignition broke, and proceeded to tell me I'm in Los Angeles now and he is in Nebraska, and there wasn't anything I could do about it. I have threatened to contact my attorney and sue Midas and he refuses to pay me for the damages.

I have a written statement from the locksmith even stating the Midas employee was the one that damamged my car, and if Midas still refuses to make payment to me for this damage, I do have full right and intent to sue Midas to the fullest of the law.

I will seek damages for car, hotel, repair bill at Midas, attorney fees, court cost and interest if allowed by the court. This $900.00 problem will turn into a $5000 or more problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Midas Repair.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Saint George, Utah, United States #703268

I just had my car in for a repair and it came out with a gouge - $500 repair bill. They told me to get estimates and now said the won't pay. in looking online it really looks like this is common among Midas shops.

Beware - is not worth the free system check and tire rotation.

Very upset and debating the next step.


:( Exact thing happened to me. They don't care what you do.

They are not in the business of customer service, they are scam artist. They are nothing but *** and just steal your money. Corporate does nothing but laugh at all of us who go there. Learned my lesson..never going there again, and making sure everyone in my area knows too.

Midas is a scam.

New York, New York, United States #649027

You can sue in small claims court, but you have to go there to do it. Plus there are no 'punitive' damages in small claims, so you only can recover what you have receipts for.

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