To whom this may concern;

On the day of 6/23/2018, I went first thing in the morning at 8:00/8:15am because I detected a problem, a constant whining noise with my car on the previous evening.

The people at Midas inspected it and gave me an estimate for $2173.28. This estimate was suppose to be for Rack & Pinion Assembly, A power Steering Pump and Power Steering Hose Assembly.

I was hesitate, because the estimate was very high, but I went and allowed it.

I had to wait all day long. At 6:15pm the garage called me and told me that my car was finally done.

While I was there I asked the man named "Joshua" , the store manger, to see the old used parts. He was only able to show me the Rack & Pinion Unit. I then asked about seeing the old Power Steering Unit, he then said "we threw it away". I wanted to see it but he could not answer me.

Once I was in my car , I started it , I automatically hear the same sound, that whining noise. Although the noise was not as loud as before, but it was loud enough to hear on the street.

I questioned the actual man who did the work about it. He said it was probably air bubbles and they would go away as is drove my car more. Personally I wasn't comfortable with his answer. I felt unsure, not safe.

On the day of 6/24/2018 , I went about my business the normal . As the day went on I still very uncomfortable about the on going noise my car was making. I called my best friend. He knows cars. Once I got to his house, He looked at , both from the top and under the car. There was a broken bolt , it wasn't dirty so it must of just happened. As he also looked more then , he noticed that the drivers "boot" on the new Rack & Pinion looked all mangled , and twisted up. I took pictures, for proof in case I needed to file a legal complaint. The he looked under my car. Then then told me that there wasn't even a new Power Steering Unit on my car. I still had the old one on my car. I was getting very up by now. Now, I understood why I wasn't able to see the old one that this Midas shop was supposed to show me. For the power steering alone it cost $538.98 (labor included)

On 6/25/2018 I went up to a dealership for Toyota. They looked at it and they told me the original Power Steering Unit was still on the car and that there was no new unit . They gave me a noted statement that stated what was wrong.

After that I went directly to the Midas station I went to.

I confronted the manager at the store. I think he knew he and his shop got caught in a lie. The manager was stuttering , and could not answer anything. I asked him straight forward questions, all he could was act nervous , and promised to correct the problem.

He even tried writing me a hand written letter stating a "I promise to ........." type of letter. By then I was really upset.

By now I wanted a refund or something because of their lies & deceit. Along with the money that paid them to pay for the power steering unit

I had to have a vehicle, because I needed a car work.

The store manager at this shop , promised to repair everything. he also said that everything will be completed by 6:00pm.

I then leave. By now it was really close 6:00pm . So my friend, the one who noticed all of the wrong doings, both he and I went to Midas again. My friend noticed not even one thing has been done. I had to take an entire day off work because the people at Midas didn't do anything to my car. Then the same man that "promised" to fix everything again said he will have my car fixed 7:00pm today......Monday, June 25th. So being so I live right around the corner from Midas and by now 7:00pm was approaching, I decided going to walk up there myself. What do I find.........the lights were closed the doors were closed. That Joshua guy yet lied to me again !!!!! Being so I found everything closed, I know that I will not be able to go to work on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, 6/26/2018

I called the District Manager. I spoke to a man named David Banks. I explained to him the total problems that I have been having to deal with. He understood everything. He said that he himself is going to be going down there too see what exactly the problem was.

Now this is the 2nd day I had to take off from work.

Around 10am I get a call from David Banks, he states that this Joshua guy is not in. He took the day off or something. Then Mr. Banks tells me that he is taking my car to the Englewood shop.

Now at 2:30pm, Tuesday, 6/26,2018

I get a call stating that my car is ready. He has to drive my car all the way from Englewood to Huber Heights. Once I get my car back, I drive. I did a few driving test to see if it was driving ok. I then told him I want my car on a rack so I can see under it, so I can see the units have indeed been replaced. I also wanted to see the motor from the top looking down into the motor. I noticed that there was a cracked cover, by where the spark plugs go, and the broken bolt was still broke. After everything I had to go , Saturday, Monday & Tuesday wanted some sort discount for the lies those men at the shop caused me also for the 2 days I had to miss work. Mr. Banks refused on giving me and sort of discount what so ever. He then claimed that he had to replace the Alternator. I didn't ask him to even to that. I couldn't even prove it was even going bad. He supposedly did that on his own. I didn't ask him to do that, then he stated that the Midas would of had to cover that.

I choose who to take my car to, and I know my alternator sure in the heck never had any problems before Mr. Banks drove my car. Don't you think that's just pretty suspicious ??

I know that its not right ...or fair to take things.

I really think that I should have some type of discount for all the wrong doings that Midas has cause me for those past 3 days.... along with missing work for 2 days ???

It's not right and its not just !!!!

Thank You ,

and Thank You for reading what I had to say. Just think about it.....

Stephanie L. Kelly

5016 Tilbury Rd.

Huber Heights, Ohio


Product or Service Mentioned: Midas Car Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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