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December 5, 2016 I went to the Midas at 465 Route 46 West, Totowa, NJ 07512 today for a wheel alignment. I had been there a while ago for an alignment and was told they could not do it because I needed to get ball joints and tie rods. I could not afford to do all that at the time so I didn’t get anything done. Over the next few months I got the work done at my regular mechanic, who does not do wheel alignments and so was back at Midas today.... Read more

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I went to Midas here at Midas Services in 104 and King George Blvds, for a motor lube change for transmission. Before we know the person replaced the filters, batteries, motor fluids, tire rotation and more for 340.00 CAD. STUFF THAT WAS ALREADY DONE AND REPLACED LESS THAN SIX MONTHS AGO!!!! He even lied on the phone and told me the cost was 35.00 CAD; he misquoted me on the price and then held the key from me until I paid the money or had to... Read more

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Had to have my windshield washer nozzles replaced. I was assured by the manager Rick that it would take 10 minutes to put the nozzles on. After waiting for an hour I asked for a progress report. He then told me that the motor was not working and would have to be replaced.He ordered the motor from Liberty Toyota and had it replaced. I checked with Liberty Toyota and was told that the total for the nozzles and motor would be around $82. I was... Read more

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  • Nov 17
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Sold us defective tires that are falling apart. They refuse to do anything to fix the situation. Tires are less than two years old and need to be replaced. They are dry rotting and excessive tread wear. They said they looked like they were six or eight years old.

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My name is steve had my brakes replaced and wheel bearings as well as a muffler repair it required 6 visits for the repairs to be performed properly the tech 's diagnosis or better said (excuse) was my work truck was carrying too much weight. I had the vehicle weighed and iwas 500 pounds below gross vehicle weight and had to google gross vehicle weight for the tech and manager so they understood what they were explaining to me was incorrect.... Read more

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I have been taking my vehicles to Midas in Kingston Ontario for a number of years. I have used both locations but the Gardiners Rd. location is closer and easier to get to for me. The new shop is bright and customer friendly. The staff are incredible. Dave C. and all, go out of their way to make sure I know what is needed to repair my vehicles for safety and performance. They also make sure I am well taken care of and provide a very friendly... Read more

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  • Oct 31
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All. Im. Saying. I. Learned. My. Lesson. Unhappy

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On June 19 I did an online brake estimate for midas, and the June 20 2016 in which I spoke to a man who intoduced himself as Dan. We discussed the brake issue he quoted me a quote of 429.00 with tax he said around 450 with tax I ask him again did that cover an complete brake job, which included Brake Pads Calibers and Rotors and Labor. I said ok I will drop car off in the morning the 20th of June which was on a Monday. I was given a ride by... Read more

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  • Oct 29
  • #945677

Bait and switch scam bogus invoices . Google searches protected by robot text. Brake job done . 3 months later brakes scrubbing. Very dissatisfied . No signatures no license bogus bogus bogus

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Every time I go in for an oil change they ALWAYS tell me something else needs replacing. The Manager told me he gets angry when people complain (so obviously many do) but he doing his job (really!). I had the car looked at before I took it in for an oil change and nothing needed "fixing". They send you reminders to come in for "special oil change" and then get you once you bring your car in. This review is telling me I need at least 100 words... Read more

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