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MIDAS reviews, MIDAS complaints, read MIDAS reviews, find MIDAS reviews, MIDAS scam reports
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  • 199 complaints
  • $64,955 claimed losses
  • $326 average
  • 9250 since Dec 13, 2007

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Main address: 1300 Arlington Heights Road 60143 Itasca IL
1-800-621-8545, (630) 438-3700, http://www.midas.com/ContactUsForm/tabid/56/Default.aspx
MIDAS reviews, MIDAS complaints, read MIDAS reviews, find MIDAS reviews, MIDAS scam reports
  • 199 complaints
  • $64,955 claimed losses
  • $326 average
Had an experience with MIDAS?
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  • Apr 20
  • Schenectady, New York
  • 1956 Pontiac
  • 13

The first time I dealt with this company, I brought my classic 1956 Pontiac in for some brake work. This was mistake number one. Despite drum brakes in 1956 being the same as drum brakes today (which is still very common), as well as many other components of cars, most modern mechanics who see an old car usually turn dumber than they already are and say they "cannot work on them". But anyways, I... Read more

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  • Apr 01
  • Hull, Quebec
  • Engine Leak Repair
  • 1
  • 14

I had an exhaust noise coming from The engine.was told by mechanic at bank St location I had several leaks and the biggest one was from the spring kit. When I told him that I had just had the sprint kit done he said it was the gasket on the spring kit.he also told me my catalytic converter was like paper.he said i had to change the entire exhaust from the motor to the muffler. None of this made... Read more

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  • Mar 19
  • San Diego, California
  • Free Service Charge
  • 1
  • 20

I was looking to buy a used car and I went to Midas to have them inspect. Well, the website says they offer courtesy checks. Which, means free of charge. Well, when I went to Midas they actually told me it was not free and charged me $49.99. But, the website consistently shows, "courtesy check". I called the customer support line on the website but, I wasn't help out at all. The woman I spoke to... Read more

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  • Feb 26
  • Winston Salem, North Carolina
  • Discriminatory Customer Service
  • 8
  • 26

BBB Complaint: 9893615 I am rejecting this response because: The response from this Midas representative is totally untrue reaching the level of discriminatory. I am not guilty she is not able to communicate in any other language. This is a problem of the educational system that does not teach at least a second language. It is important to indicate that I have a graduate degree from an American... Read more

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  • Jan 28
  • Montreal, Quebec
  • Rude Manager
  • 19

about 4 yrs ago I had some very extensive repairs done on my gaslines, the work was great and I asked if I might pay the balance the following wk. Every thing seemed a good relationship with you're co, but yesterday 27th Ihad a very serious problem[I thought] and asked if they could just twist my mirror back in place and would gladly pay this following Fri.Without batting an eye he said when work... Read more

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  • Jan 20
  • Washington, District Of Columbia
  • Struts Replacement
  • 16

I had Midas install a set of struts, shocks for my 2001 VW Jetta Sedan. This was several years ago and I am still not happy with the way the car handles. It makes clunky noises and feels bumpy. I had to take it back to them a month after they had installed them and they did some adjustment to the front, but to this day the front end continues to be noisy and clunky at times. I am inclined to... Read more

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  • Jan 10
  • Melbourne, Victoria
  • Auto Parts
  • 1
  • 22

Car went in for a service , $1300 latter Drive out with a car that felt like it was going to fall apart I was treated so rudely by the state manager MICHAEL. No help offered except to take the car to their mate for a wheel alignment Which wasn't done Now spent over $2500 fixing all the damage they caused by using cheap Asian imported after market parts that weren't even for my car Yet... Read more

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  • Jan 04
  • Grand Blanc, Michigan
  • Coolant Flush
  • 2
  • 30

Midas Dispute. I took my 2001 Chevy Impala to Midas because my low coolant light came on. My car was serviced by the employee at the shop. I was told, my car had no leaks, and what could be causing my light to come on is a sensor. So I agreed to a new sensor since I was told this would solve my problem. I also was told I need a radiator cap, and coolant flush. I agreed since I was told this would... Read more

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  • Dec 16, 2013
  • Service Customer Service
  • 26

I took my vehicle in for an inspection regarding the engine. I was not able to get out of my car when I arrived home because my door handle was broken. I know that it was not broken and was working well when I handed them my keys. What's upsetting is that they pretended like nothing happened and did not even mention it when they handed me my key. I called and talked to the store manager Matt at... Read more

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  • Nov 25, 2013
  • Service Center
  • 1
  • 32

I DROVE my car into Midas to fix a gasket leak, they called me and told me that it needed $3200 of work and that still might not fix the problem. I told them not to do any more work to it, just what I brought it in for. I went to pick it up, paid $700 for the work they had done and they told me that it might run a little rough b/c I didn't allow them to fix what they said needed to be fixed but... Read more

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